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Jeff Pearson

Jeff Pearson worked the winter of 1979-80 as a shipwright in Belfast, Maine on the Sylvina Beal. Later took an opportunity at the Mystic Seaport and stayed for 16 years working on boats like the Duntun, Conrad, Regina, Star and Charles W. Morgan. At Mystic, he was able to scuba dive, attend an Australian rowing competition, procure wood and run a circular saw mill. Jeff still has tools from John Gardner’s personal collection. Jeff had the privilege of knowing Gardner and several other shipwrights.

Jeff’s passion for collecting antique tools came in the mid 1980’s. It started off as a small Stanley collection (most of which he sold) and now 30 years of business he is one of the “Maine” tool dealers. Now based out of Searsport, micoast Maine. Jeff is the purveyor of quality woodworking, metalworking, ship and boat building tools, and machinery.

Ben Pearson

Ben Pearson grew up as Jeff’s sidekick working as an assistant every year during grade school. He went on to four years of college at University of Maine at Farmington to study Applied Mathematics as well as Business and Economics. Later Ben pursued a career in land surveying which lead him to Cape Cod and Portland, Maine. Now he is back in Searsport working fulltime for the family business!

Ben’s latest plan is to build affordable, energy efficient homes in Swanville, Maine.

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