Stanley Plane #3 - #8
Wooden Planes
Buck Brothers Chisel Set
Caulking Irons
Caulking Mallets
Adjustable Squares
Pencil Dividers
Stanley #78 Rabbit Plane
SW Vintage Stanley #1
Stanley Bedrock #605c
#41 Millers Patent Plough Plane
Stanley #69 Beader
Tail Handled  9¾ Block Plane
Stanley #55 Combination Plane
(2) Stanley #99 Side Rabbits
Stanley 98 & 99 Side Rabbits
Wood Bottom Planes
Stanley (2) #48 & #148 T&G
Metal Spoke Shaves
Stanley #84 Redi-edge Shave
#50 A.L.S. Starrett Co. Athol Mass.
Stanley #607c Bedrock Jointer
Stanley #5¼c Jr. Jack
Stanley #606 Bedrock Fore
Compass planes
#507 Sargent Rabbit Block Plane
5/8” Stanley #39 Dado Plane
Stanley #79 Side Rabbit
Goodell Pratt Co. 6” Precision Level
Bevel Squares
L.S. Starrett Vernier Caliper 4”
Dial Reading Caliper
Millers Falls Floor Scraper
Stanley 67 Rabbiting Spoke Shave
Bit braces
Yankee screwdrivers
Wooden Spoke Shaves
Stanley #82 Cabinet Scrapers
Table Saw
Emmert Vise
Foot Powered Metal/Wood Lathe
Buffalo Forge Drill Press
Marking Gauges
Hand Adzes
Draw Knives
Compass Planes
American Wrought Anvil
Stanley #71 1/2 Router Plane
Emmert Vise
Work Bench
Stanley #66 Beader
Conn Tool Co Corner Chisel
Buck Brothers Gouges
Stanley #610 100 CLUB Bit Brace
Stanley Rules
Sharpening Stone in Box
Stanley Sweetheart #2 Plane
Stanley #98 & #99 Side Rabbits
Stanley #40 Scrub Plane
Stanley #79 Side Rabbit
Federal Screwdriver Set
Stanley #7 Jointer
Stanley #113 Compass Plane
Erlandsen Pump Drill
Stanley #4 1/2 Plane
Vintage Oiler w/ Wick
Stanley #46 w/ Cutters & Box
Stanley #151 Shaves
Stanley #97 chisel plane $225
Stanley SW #10 1/2 rabbit $175
Stanley #49 plane $75
4" Draw knife $40
Stanley #48 plane $65
Stanley #148 plane $65
2" Machinist square $35
Buck Brothers carving chisels $80
Witherby gouge $40
Buck Brothers flat chisels $80
Buck Brothers gouges $125
Stanley SW curve bottom shave $40
Stanley #62 plane $225
Stanley #140 block plane
Stanley #65 SW Chamfer Shave
Buck Brothers Gouges
Stanley #40 Butt Chisel Set
Stanley #92 Rabbit Plane
10" Jackson Saw
Stanley #71 Router Plane


Deer Antler Chandelier $750
Granite $30./ft
Birch coat racks $50.
Moose antler chandelier $1400.
Iron stand with tile top SOLD
Moose Antler Chandelier $1250
Moose Antler Chandelier $1750
Marine hardware - Priced separately
Goat treadmill $1500
Henschel Telegraph $1500.
Chests $75. - $225.
Charles L. Hoitt M.D. safe $350.
Oak Step Back Cabinet $1250.
Aragorn wood carving $2500.
SOLD - Goat cart
SOLD - Yacht Trophy
Mill Steam Engine $2750.
Henschel Telegraph $1500.

First patented in 1921. I believe this particular one was built in the 1930’s. Patented by Charles J. Henschel Brooklyn, N.Y. The interior seems to be intact and all the wiring in place. Looks like a bell mechanism inside towards the front. The aft bearing is missing. The builder’s plate reads on top Henschel in a diamond shape. Henschel Corporation Amesbury, Mass. DR No. 10-1063. Nice color. Been polished many times over the years. Solid brass. Full ahead, full astream and stop on dial. Good++